About Us

KSA Aviation specializes in sourcing items based on National Stock Numbers (NSN) Military, Commercial and Federal Specification. KSA Aviation provides all materials per technical specifications on Fedlog. KSA Aviation Aerospace, we dedicate ourselves to servicing our customers and exceeding their expectations on a daily basis. We have been recognized as an industry leader that provides consistently accurate and timely delivery of products with the requested expert certifications, as well as the documentation and labeling that our customers require. KSA Aviation Aerospace has also developed a myriad of methods to help our customers save money. We are able to support most specialized custom packaging needs our customers, with the desire to make product usage easier. S&P Aerospace's goal is to be the most capable and knowledgeable supplier of specialty in consumables for Commercial Aviation, General Aviation, Corporate Aviation, Military/Defense, Aerospace, Helicopters and Government Contractors. We have a strong commitment to our employees and customer satisfaction, both of which we believe to be the cornerstones of our success.

SAKAN COM AVIATION SERVICES EST is a full-service procurement and logistics company capable of providing products and services to Corporate and Government clients around the world. We specialize in locating and sourcing hard to find equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands of our end users. Our procurement teams handle projects with hundreds of line item requirements, streamlining the purchasing process for our customers and simplifying their job by offering them one point of contact at one company This includes Aviation parts, consumables, oil, and lubricants, Industrial Safety products, Private Security, Military and Law Enforcement Equipment, Automotive products.